These trainings will not only bring solutions to our cities,
they will play a part in healing us as individuals. ~Michelle Nehme
It's time to stop violence, rape and trafficking! Are you ready to change your community? I will help you succeed!
Survivor Support Community

Taking a holistic stand against trafficking requires addressing many other root issues that are prevalent in our society today and actually prevents trafficking and exploitation. Care for individuals who are in the sex industry, whether by force or by choice, begins before the individual ever decides to leave the sex industry and some may decide to stay within the industry.

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Community Alliance Network

Utilizing a strengths-based model for community and volunteer mobilization, training, and survivor care encourages partnerships and a greater access to services within your community. The backbone of a strong community is an active network of volunteers, donors and service providers, united with the same vision;

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“She is polished, organized, and has what appears to be effortless business savvy. But she can also jar you with the painful reality of her past.” ~ Mary Rose Somarriba, Verily Magazine

“As Love146 has continued its prevention education programs, as well as begun to provide survivor care to children in the USA, we have found Jes’s perspective to be invaluable.

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